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Nomadtrails Trekking

    + Tour Code: R 6
    + Duration: 03 days
    + Level:

  hmong girlsNomadtrails trekking brings to you not only a good experience of the trekking ,but also lets you experience the various cultures, festival and local lifestyle with natural beauties. It will be very good chance to interact with many friendly hill tribes and share the warm and welcoming feeling in their family. that makes your Sapa trekking tour unforgetable. this is very and new special tour in sapa for tourist like less or no tourist on the trekking trail with alot of panorama of sapa nicest valley..MORE DETAIL.

Trekking through Fabulous rice terraces & Colorful minorities

    + Tour Code: S 14
    + Duration: 03 days
    + Level:

 Rice terraces Classic homestay trekking is one of the most popular and most classic Hiking route in Sapa which passes through beautiful countryside inhabited by a wide diversity of minotities. It offers spectacular mountain scenery and amazing rice terraces. This region is heavily settled and farmed, it's an ideal view point to view both a sunrise & sunset within the majestic FANSIPAN range. Many minorities villages are perched on the Fansipan mountain sides with enchanting views of Muong Hoa Valley. This is not only a remarkable trek, but one of the most popular treks in Sa pa...MORE DETAIL.


Rice terrace field - ethnic market

    + Tour Code: S 15
    + Duration: 3 days
    + Level: Easy

hmong villageBeautiful, we will bring to you explore many ethnic people and amazing sublime rice terrace field which are a memory go into your mind and never forget them, the ethnic market is opened every day except monday and friday. you will see many kind of animal in the market such as baffulos, cows, pigs...it is also place for young people search their love, other exploring strange ethnic cultures of them . Our country is water rice culture, coming this trip you will seebeautiful amazing rice paddy field evrery where on mountain...MORE DETAIL.

Sapa Discovering Tour

    + Tour Code: R 5 new
    + Duration: 3 days - 2 nights
    + Level: Hard

happy timeWelcome to Sapa discovering tour which is new tour in sapa area , this one offers to you many new lanscapes and amazing rice terrace fields  as see and meet friendly ethnic people. As you know SAPA is very famous for trekking tourist and alot of tourist in village,trekking trail but come to this trip you will feel very quiet to enjoy amazing view ,no noisy from tourist...no or less tourist on the trekking way...more detail

sapa basic trekking tour

    + Tour Code: R5
    + Duration: 3 days - 2 nights
    + Level: Hard

Hmong people Sapa basic trekking tour offer to you experience and meet alot of friendly ethnic people , many panorama view of sapa area, no or less tourist on the trekking trails, trek though many different ethnic people...More Detail..

Trek to Bach Moc Luong Tu mountain

    + Tour Code: B01
    + Duration: 03 days
    + Level:

bach moc luong tuBach Moc is a steep mountain with few tourists on the paths that lead to the summit of the mountain. It takes about three days to get to the top of the peak and get back to the foot of the mountain.. MORE DETAIL.

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